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All set to hit the gym for the first time? Congrats!! You have already taken a major step towards your fitness goals . But before you step into the gym make sure you have the basic gym essentials a beginner needs. Below I have listed 5 of them. Since most online shopping sites have an exclusive category for gym accessories and essentials , I have added the links to make it easier to explore and buy them. Go ahead and check them out. 😀


Keeping yourself hydrated during the workout is very important. It helps in keeping your body boosted by increasing the energy levels. Make sure you use a reusable water bottle and invest in a good one for a long term use. You can check out the water bottles below and purchase them from the site.


It is not possible to workout in casual or formal shoes, hence there are special shoes designed for the purpose of gym and workout. It is advisable to always invest in a good pair of shoes as they would give you the best results for a long time. Here are some options that you can choose from:



When going to the gym, you need a compact and a lightweight towel. Instead of going with the cotton towels go with microfiber or synthetic towels that can dry quickly and resist the odor.


To make sure you are not distracted by your own body odor while working out, make sure you use a deodorant while working out to ensure there is no bacteria build-up and odor. I have listed few deodorants below , make sure to check them out.




Always make sure you carry a snack such as a protein bar or a fruit with you to keep your energy levels up while working out and to make sure you get enough strength. I have added few links to some amazing gym snacks/protein bars below, feel free to check them out.



Make sure you always have a gym bag handy to carry all the gym essentials. Try getting a gym bag that is sustainable and reliable for a long run at the gym. Here I have listed out few options for you to choose from.



Now that you are aware of the basic essentials you need to hit the gym, you are ready to get set go!! Make sure you invest in the best and reliable products. Make realistic fitness goals , work hard, stay healthy and happy as always.

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